Our Bursaries are awarded to Waterside children in need under the age of 18 who could benefit from facilities at Calshot Activities Centre. Funds can be used to help with accommodation/activities/courses and training and are not meant for any other expenses.

About the Bursary Scheme

How we fund our Bursaries

We can set aside limited funding annually from our affiliation fees to enable us to operate a small bursary scheme to support local disadvantaged children. In addition, we are fortunate enough to receive some donations to the fund for which we are very grateful. We recognise that young people learn in different ways and that the skills needed to thrive in adulthood are not always acquired within the formal education system.

About our Youth Bursary Scheme

The scheme is to support local children in need who could benefit from the amazing facilities that the Centre has to offer. We can fund up to £150.00 per application or half the cost of the course whichever is lower. 

In the main, the bursaries are awarded for local children under the age of 18 years within the South Waterside area of Southampton but we have discretionary powers for exceptional cases to be considered from outside the area.

Although you may think your group or young person on whose behalf you are applying doesn’t necessarily fit into the normal definitions of ‘disadvantaged’ you may well be still eligible for help.

Guidance and Advice

You are welcome to add any supporting information you wish.

Remember any funds allocated are solely for the accommodation/activities/courses and training and are not meant for other expenses including travel to and from the venue, so please don’t ask for these.

Apply for Bursary
Please tell us about your Organisation Please tell us about your planned visit to Calshot Activities Centre. Include dates and who will benefit and include any other details which might support your application. Please tell us how your group, or individuals within it, meet the bursary criteria and why you need help from the bursary fund